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64 Deeksha Process


Latest event: 7th June 2011

1pm to 5.30pm 

By Donation

The Residence of Yuchih 

The Mukthi Deeksha Process is designed to offer liberation from the mind, a "de-clutching" whereby you are able to experience reality as it is, free from the mind's habituated responses, interpretations, and conditioning. Many of you are reporting these types of experiences and the great freedom you are experiencing around this. The 64 Deeksha Process, on the other hand, is the actual journey into higher states of consciousness, God Realization, and cosmic consciousness. These processes work hand-in-hand with one another to take you into the deepest experiences of what it means to be a human being.

What you will be doing during this process is creating a massive energy field that you all will be sitting in for many hours. It is the experience, on an ongoing basis, of this energy field itself that is
the process. The creation and maintenance of this field requires that you are sitting in a deep state of relaxation and direct experience. Staying in this field and deeply experiencing what is there is this deepening that we have all been asking Sri Bhagavan for.

This process is about is complete communion with Divine Grace, an entire day of invoking the Divine, of invoking the grace field of Sri Amma Bhagavan. We have the precious opportunity here to invest our entire day basking in the energy of the Divine Presence. With this process, we are creating an atmosphere for participants to literally soak in these high states of consciousness

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