Being Angelic

Meeting your angels...expand your potentials..with Yuchih in Singapore and Taiwan

Yuchih 于芝


Yuchih, a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Magnified Healer, a Deeksha Giver and Oneness Trainer, acquired her gifts of clairsentience and clairaudience through meditations. Yuchih connects with Angels and Ascended Masters, particularly with Kwan Yin and receive messages from them. Her ability to be a pure channel of angels enables her to channel the healing energy from angelic realm to heal the clients and help them to see choices for their highest good.

Yuchih 天使療癒師,觀音擴大療癒法教師,合一祝福訓練師。 透過靜心開啟了靈性潛能,與觀音及天使有深刻的連結並成為純淨的療癒管道傳遞訊息與療癒能量,幫助他人看到自己的人生最高目地與潛能。

Currently, she lives in Singapore and travels between Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia to teach Meditation workshop, Angel Workshop for adults and kids, Magnified Healing Workshop, Unicorn Workshop, and Oneness Awakening Course, and provides angel consultation. In Singapore, she facilitates various workshops at Divine Spark. She works with Xin-Energy in Taichuang,Taiwan and is also a translator of English and Chinese. 


Contact yuchih: mailto:[email protected]

Taiwan Xin Energy 薪能量: 

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