Being Angelic

Meeting your angels...expand your potentials..with Yuchih in Singapore and Taiwan

Angel Light Workshop 

In an Angel Love&Light Workshop, you will learn how to connect with your guardian angels who can assist you in finding directions in your life path or offer solutions to your questions using methods such as meditation and automatic writing or with the use of Angel Oracle Cards. Also, you will learn 15 other archangels, connecting with their energy to help you with every aspect of your life and the releasing of negative emotions by etheric cords cutting.

When we open ourselves to hear our angels' messages, every aspect of our lives become more peaceful and balanced.


Angel Light Workshop Day One:


  • Learn Archangels’ functions and the areas they can help you and connect with them in  your daily life, such as Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Metatron, Chamuel…                      
  • Work with Archangels to perform etheric cords cutting-to release fear-based attachment


 Connecting with Your Guardian Angels


  • Understand the four spiritual gifts: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance and develop your spiritual gifts
  • Guided meditation to connect with your guardian angels
  • Using Automatic writing to connect with your guardian angels and seek for directions.


Connecting with Your Guardian Angels with Angel Oracle Card


  •  Chakra Clearing - enhance your psychic abilities to receive messages from angels
  • Learrn how to use Angel Oracle Card and conduct readings for yourself and others    

Angel Light Workshop Day Two    

During the time of Atlantis, everyone worked  hand in hand with Angels. People had 12 chakras instead of 7, carrying much higher light and wisdom. They were aware of their spiritual gifts –clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, and used the best of their gifts to realize their life purpose on earth. Angel Therapy workshop Level 2 will assist you to understand what your major spiritual gift is and help you to develop the gifts by activating your 12 chakras with 5th Dimension Color and Archangels. Opening the 12 chakras is essential for ascension and enlightenment. It is also the basic preparation for 2012, so that you will be ready for the high energy coming in at that time.


You will also learn to use your gifts to receive messages from Angels without using Angel Oracle Cards by increasing your awareness. As healing is needed in all aspects of our lives at this time, you will be leading to Atlantis Healing Temple to receive profound healing from angels. At last, you will receive initiation from Archangel Raphael and become a pure channel sending Angel Healing Energy.


Angel Love&Light Level 2 includes:

Optimize your potentials:

  • Activate The Twelve Chakras with the Fifth-dimensional Colors and Archangels
  • Connect with your higher self and realize your major spiritual gift

Channeling the Angels:

  • Learn how to receive messages from the Angels without using Angel Cards.
  • Learn the techniques of balancing energy and increasing awareness
  • Practice with partners

Guided Meditation to Atlantis Healing Temple

  • Releasing etheric cords and addictions
  • Releasing vows made in past lives. (such as the vows of poverty or self-punishment which still continuously affect this life)
  •  Heal and balance chakras.

Angel Healing:

  • Learn the power and healing energy of color and light
  • Receiving Initiation from Archangel Raphael and become a pure channel of sending Angel Healing Energy
Practice sending Angel Healing Energy with a partne




天使療法不限宗教背景,每個人都有守護天使,他們在你尚未開始展開今世的人生旅程,就被指派成為你的天使,並時時刻刻地伴隨著你。在此工作坊,你將學習連結你的專屬守護天使協助你處理生命中的難題,並學會使用天使卡來獲得生活的指引。運用大天使能量, 幫助自己與他人,釋放舊有的束縛與負面能量,療癒內在,幫助自己於愛情、金錢、健康與事業取得平衡。 



·         天使種類與層級

·         進入光的殿堂,接受光的洗禮

·         與守護天使連結與自動書寫  

·         啟動天使卡與讀卡練習

·         連結大天使與召請

·         清除負面束縛帶與能量

·         連結大天使淨化脈輪

·         傳送天使光球協助自己與他人





·      與高我連結,了解個人最主要的超感應力,並連結天使以淨化聽覺脈輪與眉心輪

·      連結他人天使,給予天使解讀訊息 (非使用天使卡)

·      藉由天使療法去除前世的之誓約  

·      亞特蘭提斯療癒神廟的之旅     

·      光的作用力與療癒

·      會見大天使拉斐爾與療癒天使團隊,經由大天使拉斐爾點化,成為天使療癒能量的管道

·      傳送天使療癒能量個案練習 (與夥伴相互練習)



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