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Become a Deeksha Giver- Oneness Awakening Course

To be initiated as a Deeksha Giver,  you must complete the new Oneness Awakening Course and be initiated by a certified Oneness Trainer. Please see home page for upcoming opportunities to be initiated to transfer the Oneness Deeksha to others.


Oneness Awakening Course

2-Day Course

Spend an entire weekend immersed in the grace of the Oneness Blessing. Receive the foundational teachings on Oneness as revealed by Sri Amma and Bhagavan, including powerful clearing and healing practices to prepare you to be an instrument for the Oneness Deeksha.

The weekend course will include powerful teachings, practices, meditations, and healing exercises to open you to receive the gift of the Divine Presence and will culminate in a special initiation where you will be empowered as a Oneness Blessing giver. This initiation will take place through the conveyance of the sacred Mukthi Deeksha transmission, the pinnacle of Deekshas or Blessings in our tradition. 

After becoming a deeksha giver, you may continue to attend 64 deeksha and Bhakti Yoga which are designed for Deeksha giver to deepen their state of awakening.  The events will be held at least once a month. 

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