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Oneness Bhakti Yoga

(It is not traditional physical yoga)


Oneness Bhakti Yoga are processes which are revealed by Oneness University in Feb 2011. It is a very powerful process and is intended to be (and have been found to be) extremely “to the point” in helping people experience the Oneness with the Divine which creates the breakthroughs in our lives allowing us to shift our perception and experience of life in profoundly loving and joyful ways.

We will be participating in several spiritual practices during the course of the Celebrations on Bhakti Yoga.  These types of practices are found in most spiritual traditions. The processes we are sharing in Oneness Bhakti Yoga are presented as they are taught to us, as Oneness Trainers, based in Indian culture. India has been around, intact, as a continuous culture for thousands of years. It has developed very deep spiritual traditions that are recognized as powerful and effective by other cultures around the world.

Oneness Bhakti Yoga will consists of various tools, meditations, and devotional experiences designed to quickly take participants into higher states of consciousness, Oneness, Awakening, and God Realization.


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