Being Angelic

Meeting your angels...expand your potentials..with Yuchih in Singapore and Taiwan

Angel Consultation
Angel Channeling Reading & Healing

Everyone has guardian angels. Before incarnated, each person was assigned angels to walk through the life path with us as our personal guides. Working with our guardian angels and opening our hearts to receive their messages help us to heal and harmonize every aspects of life, such as relationships, life purpose, abundance and healing. Their guidance is always comforting, inspiring, and motivating with great power of love and light and gives you the direction you seek and clarify a situation or relationship that is troubling you.

During Angel Consultation, yuchih will channel the messages from your guardian angels or angels who are there to assist the session. The session may involve using Angel card, chakra balancing, etheric cords cutting and guided meditatioin or any alternative healing that is inspired during the session which varies from case to cae.

By appointment only. Please make a reservation by contacting Yuchih at 93890535 or write to [email protected] 


Magnified Healing®  Session

Magnified Healing® is an intense fifth dimensional energy and this healing modality is overseen by Lady of Mercy, Kwan Yin.  The effects are swift and rapid.  It assists in easing the effects of the energy transitions that we are all facing today.  It creates a constant flow of healing energy from your heart to the SOURCE.

A Magnified Healing® session will include the techniques from Magnified Healing Phase 1 and Phase 3 (Light Healing).  You will be sitting in a relaxed position and receive the healing energy to balance your energy systems (subtle bodies), chakras, physical internal systems and will be worked on karma clearing. Many experience immediate relief from pain.  Improved mental clarity is also experienced as a result of a session.  Misqualified and old energy is released and replaced by a sense of well-being and connected-ness.  Etheric transplants can be performed on diseased organs with very favourable results. 

By appointment only. Please make a reservation by contacting Yuchih at 93890535 or write to [email protected]

1 Session (60-80mins)  S$120

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